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The Mobile Meathead

The Mobile Meathead

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55 Pages with over 50 instructional videos!

The current bodywork/preventative/prehab methods used by most meatheads and bodybuilders would be the oral hygiene equivalent of eating, skipping brushing and flossing, and going straight to the dentist for a root canal when they get a cavity or tooth pain.

This program fills the gap between training in the gym, and needing the services of a therapist or surgeon - Providing you with tools for your own “Hypertrophy Hygiene” practice.

The program promise, in short, is designed to give you consistent, constructive habits to follow pre and post session. These sessions take anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Done over the course of your split, they well train almost every muscle and joint in your body through through their near full range of motion.

The program is designed to be utilized immediately, with an easy to follow layout. It also includes a detailed “Nuts and Bolts” section and Movement Library for individuals that want a more detailed understanding of the program. As well as some bonus material: an off day routine, Muscle Finders, and some individual issue specific guidelines.

Additional benefits to the program:

  • Better mobility/flexibility
  • A better feeling, moving, less “muscle-bound”, more athletic body
  • More efficient workouts and warmups requiring less time and volume
  • Better “mind-muscle connection”
  • More mentally clarity, focus and intent coming into sessions
  • Improved recovery
  • Potentially reduced need for bodywork/therapy
  • Potentially mitigated risk of injury.
  • And potentially reducing current mild pain, and providing “accidental” corrective work for current problem areas.
Start today and have your body feeling generally awesome, for decades to come.
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